Most Lead Generation Companies are full of @#!#

Let us show you why we are different. 30-day full refund guarantee on all of our plans. We put our money where our mouth is. You have found the Unicorn.

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  • A specialized CRM with automated follow-ups to nurture your leads

  • A Lead Generation team made of industry veterans and top-level statisticians
  • An end-to-end tracking system that keeps us and you accountable

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Our website revenue has increased by over 210% in only 9 months.

Richard Taylor

Founder & CEO of Hermisferio

Years Of Expertise,
Millions Of Dollars Spent Gaining It

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’re a group of experts – Successful Realtors, Statisticians, Record-breaking Sales Execs who have spent millions on advertising and closed deals worth several millions

Not just in real estate & solar but across several verticals: e-commerce, brokerages, insurance, investments just to name a few.

We equip marketing leaders

Media-buying is partly a numbers game and partly a creative game. We employ expert statisticians and creative advertisers who combine their forces to consistently deliver high-converting ads that capture the attention of QUALIFIED leads and entice them to get in touch with you. All this at the cheapest possible cost, because we’ve optimized our media-buying over years after spending millions to perfect it.

Our in-house sales team, led by top-level sales experts calls every lead and qualifies them so you can laser-focus only on people most likely to buy.

If you’re looking to hire programmers and developers, go with the crazy ones (they are the best in the game). Our in-house developers have created an unbeatable CRM and database system that follows-up with your leads and nurtures them until you’re able to step in and take it on from there. This wouldn’t have been possible with people who are perhaps considered a little more ‘normal’.

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